Our Values

Currently, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter behind oil and gas. According to various sources, the industry accounts for 20% of global water pollution, 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes a garbage truck full of used clothes end up in landfills every second!

That's why every Loop Apparel item is built with sustainability in mind. We use 100% organic cotton and organic dyes that are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, work with ethical and responsible partners who share the same sustainability priorities through the entire supply chain including the packaging we use to ship order out to you.

Below are our values that guide our thinking and behavior as we try to leave a better world for our kids:

Better, Not Routine.

Doing things the way it’s always been done is easy. Changing things for the better takes effort. Sure, some things make sense, but if there’s a way that’s better for the planet and people, let’s choose better.

Essential, Not Excessive.

There’s a lot of noise out there, and the last thing we should do is add to it. Let’s simplify and eliminate the excess and focus on making things that people find essential and meaningful. 

Timeless, Not Trendy.

It’s tempting to chase trends and fads. But short terms gains don’t sustain. Let’s view the world through years, not days, and create things that are timeless. 

Quality, Not Quantity.

The world doesn’t need more stuff. We need quality stuff. We’re not in the business of cheap, fast and more. Let’s instead make things with craft and build things that last.

Playful, Not Serious.

Yes, sustainability is a serious topic, but we’re also doing this for kids. Kids are filled with confidence, attitude, and joy, so let’s never take ourselves too seriously.

If these are values that resonate with you, join us in our journey!